Flambu is committed to offering the lowest fees compared to the traditional sharing economy marketplaces, thanks to the low-cost transactions on the blockchain, combined with a CashBack program backed by FLAM tokens.
The fee structure is as follows:
  • The base fee for each rental is 10% from the renter and 5% from the lender.
  • Both sides can have fees as low as 50% of their corresponding base fees based on the reviews they get at the end of a rental and it works as follows:
    • At the end of a rental, both sides will be asked to review each other. The renter will review both the lender and the item(s).
    • The quantitative part of a review is the stars in the range of 1 to 5
    • The discount on the fee the renter gets is:
    • The discount on the fee the lender gets is:
    • The discounts are paid in FLAM as CashBack after the rental ends and only if the two sides provide a review to each other.


  • Alice lists her tent for rent for US$20/day on Flambu
  • Bob wants to rent Alice's tent for 5 days, for US$100
  • Including the base fee (10%) Bob pays US$110 as 110 FBX
  • From the 110 FBX, 15 FBX is the base fee (10 FBX from Bob and 5 FBX from Alice) and all 110 FBX is kept in escrow until the end of the rental
  • When the rental ends, Alice gives a 5-star review to Bob, and Bob gives a 5-star review both to Alice and to the item
  • For simplicity, let's assume 1 FLAM = 1 FBX at the moment the rental ends
  • Accordingly, Alice receives 95 FBX + 2.5 FLAM, and Bob receives 5 FLAM as CashBack after the review process
  • The remaining 7.5 FBX is sent to the Community Treasury