Sending funds from app

Flambu's in-app wallet is fully compatible with app that offers similar user experience. If you have funds in, it is the easiest way to send funds to your Flambu wallet.

This walk-through assumes that you already have funds in your app

1. Copy your Flambu wallet address

First, you need to copy your Flambu wallet address in the Flambu app. You can find your wallet in your "Account" in the app and if you haven't done so yet you will need to create a wallet first by following the easy instructions in the app.

2. Open your wallet in the app

Open app and tap "Wallet" in the bottom menu

3. Paste your Flambu wallet address to the address field to send tokens to

4. Choose a token and enter the amount

5. Review the transfer and send

Review the transfer and tap the "send" button to confirm

6. Check your balance in Flambu wallet

After the transfer is successful, you can refresh your Flambu wallet by scrolling down to see the updated balance of your tokens

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