Flambu is a community-centric marketplace that lets people share and borrow items in their vicinity powered by blockchain.

The mission of Flambu is to create a true sharing economy marketplace that brings together people that own underutilized items and people that need those items for a period of time, minimizing and decentralizing intermediation between them.

To turn its vision into reality, Flambu will:

  • Create the Flambu's Tokens, a utility token FLAM, and a stable token FBX to drive the community's economy;

  • Establish the Flambu DAO, governed by FLAM token holders, including the users.

A community member is anyone who holds FLAM tokens, and the community shall always remain flexible to redefine and reinterpret itself.

Flambu leverages blockchain technology by using:

  • cryptocurrencies for payments;

  • smart contracts to automate its operations;

  • tokenomics and decentralized governance to align the interests of users and the platform, and reduce tensions.

We expect the three pillars mentioned above to provide substantial operational efficiencies for Flambu and to allow sustaining fees that will be substantially lower than other sharing economy platforms. Furthermore, all collected platform fees will be forwarded to the Community Treasury, which is under the Flambu DAO's control, thereby creating a strong value proposition for FLAM token holders and platform users.

Note: This document represents a continuous work in progress. We will endeavor to keep this document current with the latest development progress. As a result of the ongoing and iterative nature of our development process, the resulting code and implementation are likely to differ from what is represented in this paper.

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