Community Support Program

Flambu's key differentiation from other sharing economy platforms is that Flambu's goal is to operate as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). With membership in a DAO represented through FLAM tokens, it is possible to have more engaged and loyal community members who contribute long-term value thanks to the well-structured token economics.

Flambu will encourage community participation in the new generation sharing economy with the native FLAM token. Community participation includes the necessary support operations such as onboarding, answering questions, and helping other community members, dispute resolution, and content reviews which are traditionally highly expensive, which in turn results in high fees charged by the traditional platforms. This means that Flambu will be a true sharing economy, where not only stuff is shared by people, but also the value created, as well as necessary tasks to make the platform successful will also be shared between community members.

By taking roles in the Community Support Program, community members will be able to put their FLAM tokens at stake, while resolving issues and supporting other community members, and in return have a chance to earn more FLAM tokens.

The Community Support Program consists of a wide range of tasks, with different levels of requirements, including skills, expertise, and FLAM tokens to be staked. Initially, the tasks will be handled by the core team of Flambu and they will be progressively transferred to the community as an effort to make the platform more decentralized in time.

The Community Support Program will be funded by the Community Treasury, and the number of tokens for each task will be determined by Flambu DAO according to the complexity of each task and the expertise required to perform them.

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