Sending funds from Metamask

This tutorial assumes that you know how to use Metamask and you have at least 0.1 Fuse in your wallet to sign for the transaction

To send funds from your Metamask wallet, you first need to add Fuse network to your Metamask. Follow this tutorial to learn how to add Fuse network to your Metamask and send any tokens to your Flambu wallet on the Fuse network.

1. Add Fuse network to your Metamask

Open your Metamask settings > Networks > Add network and add the following details

2. Copy your Flambu wallet address

First, you need to copy your Flambu wallet address in the Flambu app. You can find your wallet in your "Account" in the app and if you haven't done so yet you will need to create a wallet first by following the easy instructions in the app.

3. Send a token to your Flambu wallet

In your Metamask, make sure that your selected network is Fuse

Tap the "Send" button, paste your Flambu wallet address, choose an asset to send, enter an amount and tap "Next"

Review your transaction and sign to approve. Once the transaction is successful, you should see your balance update in our Flambu wallet.

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