Flambu Tokens
A two token approach to decentralized trust and fast, low-cost payments in peer to peer rentals ecosystem

Two Token Approach

Flambu Tokens Flame ($FLAM) & Flambucks ($FBX)
The token economics in Flambu involves two tokens:
  • Flame ($FLAM): ERC20 token that follows a bonding curve model which sets its price at any given point in time (see Flame Token Economics for more details) and a deflation mechanism. Flame token’s utilities are three-fold:
    • Incentivize participation in the network: Reward value-adding actions with gamification elements
    • Create and maintain robust trust within P2P transactions with a locking mechanism that rewards good transactional outcomes, and counter dishonest behavior
    • As a platform owned and operated by its users, the future of Flambu is entirely driven by $FLAM governance. Everything about Flambu is governable, with the voting weight directly correlated to $FLAM staked for value-added services
  • Flambucks ($FBX): ERC20 token pegged to $USD and backed by other stable tokens such as Fuse Dollars (fUSD). Flambucks tokens are used for fast, cheap & secure P2P payments on the Flambu platform. Users of Flambu will see their $FBX token balances in their local (or selected) fiat currencies.
Flambucks and Flame tokens can be converted into each other through the app at any time easily.
Flame & Flambucks Tokens Utilities
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